H.Plus-300 PC15

The 15 pallet configuration of the H.Plus-300 is particularly popular in the UK - with over 30 successful installations in companies requiring reliable unmanned overnight running - essentially creating a shifts worth of production for no extra headcount.

Spindle and machine utilisation statistics for the H.Plus-300 PC15 regularly shock those using conventional single table manned machines. At best, a manned single spindle vertical machine tool attains an average of 30% utilisation of production time - the H.Plus-300 PC15 regularly acquires 85 - 90% utilisation and in some cases more.

As skilled and semi skilled CNC operatives and engineers become more scarce in the UK, there has never been a more precient time to look at unmanned operation.

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Travel: X / Y / Z mm

500 / 560 / 500

Travel: B Axis deg 360
Number of Pallets   2 Standard.  5 / 15 / FMS Options
Working Surface mm 300 x 300
Max Work Size mm Ø530 x H760
Loading Capacity Per Pallet kg 250
Spindle Speed min-1

15,000: BT40 Standard.

20,000: BT40 Option.

Rapid Traverse: X / Y / Z m / min 60
Rapid Traverse: B min-1 100
Maximum Tool Length mm 350
Number of Tools   51 Standard / upto 520 Option
Maximum Tool Length mm 300
Maximum Tool Weight kg


Tool Changing Time Secs 2
NC Control   Matsuura Fanuc G-Tech 31i 
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