Our Journey to Net Zero

Since our company’s inception, Matsuura as a global company has always possessed a Matsuura family led ethos of ecological sustainability and care for our shared environment.

Our logo reflects this long-standing environmental commitment, with 3 stylised spheres in green signifying “Earth, Man & Technology” – with the emphasis on Earth first. The three stylised spheres are tilted at 23.45 degrees, in harmony with the angle of the axis of our shared Earth.

In keeping with our founder’s ethos, Matsuura Machinery Ltd will continue to strive towards Net Zero and reducing our Carbon Footprint, implementing environmentally ethical policies whenever practically possible for the long-term sustainability of our business, our shared environment, and planet.

Recognising the imminent threat to our existence from Climate Change, Matsuura Machinery Ltd commit to, in keeping with our valued and prized ISO 14001:2015 Environmental accreditation, continue to maintain, monitor, and improve our declared and published Environmental Policy.

Matsuura Japan manufactures ecologically sound machine tools, made from (wherever possible) reusable and recyclable materials from sustainable sources, delivering state of the art low energy performance.

Matsuura Machinery Ltd will endeavour to continue to be a positive influence on all Matsuura Group companies worldwide, sharing and promoting our environmental best practice and the beneficial results of pro-actively assuming our collective responsibility to halting climate change and achieving Net Zero in the future.

Key priorities for reducing and mitigating our environmental impacts are:

• The prevention of pollution, particularly emissions to the atmosphere, which may contribute to the

detrimental effects of Climate Change and ozone layer depletion.

• The promotion of energy efficiency initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and

preserve natural resources.

• The minimisation of waste to landfill through the adoption of the waste hierarchy: ELIMINATE,


• The ongoing raising of environmental awareness with staff, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders involved in our business activities through training and consultation.

• The prioritising of environmental performance and sustainability in every aspect of all new CNC products we introduce to the future market.

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