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Incredible 3D Printed Manifold for Racing Yacht

HP MJF / DyeMansion

If there is one customer component that defines the unique manufacturing capability that HP MJF 3D printing delivers to investor companies, and also shines a spotlight on Matsuura support to our customers, it is this one.

AMufacture had a brief to design a custom manifold that controls water going into the ballast tank of a 52ft racing yacht, a vessel that will compete in a Transatlantic Race in 2022.

The commission was to design and 3D print this bespoke manifold light enough, as demanded by the very nature of a carbon fibre racing yacht, whilst remaining watertight and maintain integrity at a sustained 20 bar pressure.

And they had to complete the commission in just 10 days!

The part was printed in PA12 on AMufacture’s HP5210 Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printer, then chemically smoothed with DyeMansion Powerfuse S and dyed black by a DyeMansion DM60 at the Matsuura Additive Manufacturing Centre in Leicestershire.

The HP5210 printer was supplied, commissioned and is fully supported by Matsuura UK. Matsuura’s renowned Additive Manufacturing Centre played a major support role in terms of post-processing the manifold utilising our in-house Powerfuse S and DM60 DyeMansion workflow, and Applications advice to AMufacture throughout this project. Test prints were also carried out at Matsuura to make sure AMufacture achieved quality, consistency and hit the seemingly impossible tight deadline.

Peter Harris, Matsuura Additive Manufacturing Manager, said;

“This is the most amazing component I’ve seen since beginning our journey into additive. This manifold was designed for additive & the capabilities of the HP Multi-Jet 5210 platform. Combine the HP5210 with Dyemansion Powerfuse to provide a completely water repellent surface throughout the internal chambers, and then dyed black with the DM60, you have an incredible component that could not have been manufactured by any other method in the time available".

Pete continued; "Combining the innovative skills of an amazing customer, with our additive experience & expertise with HP & the DyeMansion workflow, we have created a stunning final use component, fulfilling a challenging remit. As this project has shown, if you are investing in a 3D printer you need to make sure your supplier has the in-depth applications and materials expertise to fully realise your return on investment. At our expanding Additive Manufacturing Centre in Leicestershire we have HP machines permanently installed and under-power to help out customers when establishing their business - & we can assist with their post processing using our complete DyeMansion workflow – turning raw HP 3D printed parts into high quality, high value end use products – like this superb manifold”.

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