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How can Matsuura Automation help your CNC business?

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Imagine having 15 pallets in your machine all with tombstone fixtures on, like this Microloc System from MICRON WORKHOLDING LIMITED?

Think about the variety of jobs you could fit on each face of the tombstone. Consider the implications of running all 15 pallets overnight, or over a weekend – with no operator required to babysit the machine, or any lights on in the building. Ponder having full remote intelligent access to your machine to check its operational status from home.

This is the reality now for many UK Matsuura multi-pallet customers – whether they are operating a MAM72, H.Plus or MX Series machine.

And its not about running multiples of the same component, the majority of Matsuura automation customers run a high mix of low to medium volume components, leaving fixturing set-up for repeat orders so they can get into production quickly, operating their Matsuura like a “vending machine”.

If you are running a CNC machine shop in the UK, you know that to stay competitive you need to automate your production – reducing operator dependency, lowering your cost per part, making you much more competitive when tendering for new work and future proofing your profitability.

Find out why more and more UK companies just like yours are choosing Matsuura to automate their production - call us on 01530 511400.


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