Image for Time to re-think your CNC machining work-holding strategy?

Time to re-think your CNC machining work-holding strategy?

Introducing HP MJF

Over the past 2 years, Matsuura has engaged in extensive testing of 5 axis CNC work-holding created with HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printers – with remarkable results.

Whilst never taking away from traditional materials associated with work-holding, there are many occasions when 3D printing fixturing with HP MJF has a significant advantage; the time saving.

Once you have designed your fixture & pressed print, you can have your HP MJF 3D printed work-holding on your CNC machine tool ready to cut within 24 hours.

There is also a massive cost saving when comparing 3D printed work-holding to the cost of a traditional fixture.

Utilising Autodesk Fusion360, we have designed numerous bespoke fixtures and work-holding assemblies – all of which have passed real world cutting tests, bringing to bare all of the cutting forces of a modern Matsuura 5 axis machine tool.

As we can firmly attest; not all work-holding needs to be made traditionally, & there are many jobs that can switch to the time & cost saving benefits of 3D printed work-holding with no loss of strength in the fixture or end quality of the component.

Save time, save money & respond to your customers’ needs faster.

Contact us on 01530 511400 for more information, or to arrange a process demonstration at our COVID Secure Leicestershire showroom utilising our HP MJF printers and Matsuura 5 axis machines – either in person or live over the web.


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