A fully automated Muratec lathe for a £150,000?

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Are you running a manned, single spindle lathe? Then watch this.

Your competitors are automating their turning processes, adding an unmanned night shift to their production - you know you have to compete by investing.

You have looked at adding a third party "bolt on" cobot / robot to your existing lathe for load / unload operations, but worry about the integration and reliability of such a route - let alone the fact that cobots are much slower than dedicated & designed automated lathes.

We would like to introduce you to the Muratec MS60 & MD60 - high-speed, single spindle lathes with automation designed into the heart of these machine.

A cobot or robot loading a component into your lathe through the front door will do so in around 45 seconds; the MD & MS load components in 5 seconds. When considering the cost – around £150,000 for the MS60, vector into your calculations the manpower savings and extra lights out production you will achieve by investing in a Muratec.

The only difference between these machines is the MD comes with live tooling.

Short on space? The footprint of the MS & MD a miniscule 2380mm x 2560mm - including loader, stocker, gantry and swarf management system – and all included in the price.

* Loader Workpiece Gantry component capacity weight is 3kg.

* Loader Workpiece Gantry dimensional component capacity is Φ120mm x 80mm.

* Turning capacity (manual loading) is Φ230mm x 145mm.

Fully supported in the UK by Matsuura. Muratec stock machines are always on show, under power & ready to demonstrate at our COVID secure Leicestershire facility.

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