MAM72-35V; proven 5 axis automation is key to success.

World Leading 5 Axis

To remain competitive, and achieve future proof profitability, UK CNC machining concerns are turning to automation – especially high-end, highly capable investments such as the Matsuura MAM72-35V.

Reduced manpower, lower cost per part and the unerring ability to exploit every second of every manufacturing day (and night) are a proven reality with a Matsuura MAM72-35V.

Replacing 5 – 6 single table 5 axis machines manned by 3 operators over a shift system with a single MAM72-35V is not uncommon for Matsuura. In reality, you can man a MAM72-35V for a maximum of 4 hours day to achieve 24 hours of machining production.

And no, it is not all about the mass production of a single component or part set – low volume, varied work is the staple of most MAM72-35V investors.

Watch Mark Cumberland make some strong arguments for investing in Matsuura automation – and in particular the MAM72-35V.

Call us on 01530 511400 to arrange a viewing of our UK stock MAM72-35V machines, either in person at our COVID Secure Leicestershire showroom or virtually over the web.


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