What do Matsuura & Muratec have in common?

Reliable Automation

Available from Matsuura, the Muratec MW120 is a fully automated twin spindle CNC turning machine.

Is your CNC turning business facing cost down pressures from your customers? Do you need to reduce the cost of every part you make?

Your competitors are automating their turning processes, adding an unmanned night shift to their production - you know you have to compete by investing.

You have looked at a third party "bolt on" cobot to your existing lathe for load / unload operations, but worry about the integration and reliability of such a route - let alone the fact that cobots are much slower than dedicated & designed automated lathes.

We would like to introduce you to the Muratec MW120 - a high speed twin spindle lathe with automation designed into the heart of the machine.

Configured with single or twin high speed gantry robots for rapid load and unload operations and a billet capacity of Ø120mm x 80mm / 3kgs each robot, the MW120 is the go to machine for medium to high volume production work of either the same component, or a high mix lower volume of multiple parts.

Muratec machines are always in stock & under power at Matsuura UK.

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