Image for MAM72-52V; new automated pallet pool 5 axis machine

MAM72-52V; new automated pallet pool 5 axis machine

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Matsuura is pleased to announce that we have introduced a new high speed, large capacity, 5-axis multi-pallet vertical machining center, designated the MAM72-52V – enhancing our global reputation as the pioneers of automated pallet pool 5 axis machining.

The MAM72 series (with thousands of machines in successful worldwide operation since their debut in 1991) originated the concept of the tower pallet system and remains unrivalled in the market place.

Effortlessly achieving automated process integration, complex 5-axis machining and versatile functionality in all machining environments, variable-part variable-volume production and reliable extended unmanned operation are standard features of the MAM72 Series.

The maximum workpiece size per pallet is D520 mm x H400mm, with a load capacity of 300 kgs per pallet, making this machine perfectly specified and suitable for a large array of work in many industries, machining the full spectrum of materials, from Exotics, Titanium, to Aluminium to Cast Iron to "hard to cut".

So why consider investing in the MAM72-52V?

* Are you receiving cost down pressure per part from your customers?

* Are you running older manned machines that are energy intensive and costly to maintain?

* Are you experiencing restricted floorspace within your facility and cannot invest in the same manned machines due to space restrictions to increase your output

* Are you measuring how many hours of the day your manned spindle is cutting?

If your answers to the above are "Yes, Yes, Yes & No", then it is time for you to consider future proofing your business and profitability with Matsuura automation, & the MAM72-52V is specified comfortably within our MAM72 range in terms of capacity, performance and affordability.

Investing a Matsuura MAM72 series machine is not all about the mass production of a single part, or set of parts – although some end users utilise their MAM72 machines for that purpose. The overarching principle is the ROI that automation can bring through increased capacity, production flexibility and unmanned running. We often find users treating their MAM72 as a “vending machine” – essentially “making what they need, when they need it and selling what they produce” with minimal set ups following the initial inception of a new component with its fixturing, optimising their spindle utilisation when compared to a manned single table machine that requires long periods of downtime between set-ups, and the proven capacity for customers to run profitably unmanned at night and weekend, whilst reducing operator dependency and the associated labour costs.

The first MAM72-52V automated pallet pool 5 axis machines will arrive in the UK in early 2021.

Watch this space and our social media channels for news on an upcoming launch event at our COVID secure Leicestershire facility.

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