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25 Years of Matsuura Automated Tower Pallet Systems

Proven Automation

The Original Automated Pallet Pool Machining Choice for Business

In 1995 Matsuura introduced the now legendary MAM72 Series of 5 axis machine tools, ushering in and defining a new age of unmanned palletised and fully automated pallet pool CNC machining production.

Synonymous with the introduction of the concept of “lights out machining”, this innovative production platform series became instantly recognisable by the tower pallet pools integrated into the machine design at their inception on the drawing board at our R & D centre of excellence in Fukui, Japan.

The denomination “MAM” was deployed to signify the unique and ground-breaking nature of these “mother machines”; Matsuura Advanced Manufacturing.

Era Defining 4 axis and 5 axis Automated CNC Machining Technology

Introducing 5 axis machines such as the MAM72-S40 – with up to 90 pallets and 320 tools defined an era and shaped the future of cost down high quality prismatic and automated 5 axis machining. These “self-contained factories” became game-changers for investor companies – adding days of unattended and reliable 5 axis production to their bottom line and profitability, dramatically increasing their output, reducing cycle times and rapidly returning the initial investment made.

One UK based early investor in the MAM72-S40, manufacturing brake components for commercial aircraft, saw a massive 70% reduction in cycle times of tolerance critical components, prompting a radical re-think of “just in time” manufacturing within the wider aerospace community. The tower pallet systems, coupled with Matsuura’s pioneering High Speed Spindles and High-Speed Machining strategies, gave companies a new perspective on the way they did business and maximised their efficiency – particularly within the aerospace supply chain.

Reduced CNC Machine Tool Operator Dependency, Increased CNC Production.

With so many technological firsts and CNC product innovations to our name throughout our 8 decades of engineering excellence, the introduction of the space-saving and production enhancing tower pallet concept ranks as one of the most important Matsuura originated CNC manufacturing leaps forward of the past few decades.

Across our entire range of vertical, horizontal, multi-tasking and dedicated 5 axis products, we have tower pallet options to suit every application, every business sector and every budget.

As the tower pallet concept becomes more prevalent in the wider market, it is always worth remembering that Matsuura designed and defined the original concept over 3 decades ago – and continue to develop our reliable and versatile award winning multi-pallet systems and CNC platforms for the modern machine shop and business.

Proven ROI and Profitability through Automated Pallet Pool Technology

In the UK, Matsuura have supplied in multiple hundreds of Tower Pallet Systems and automated pallet pool machining solutions - many of which are still in successful operation after decades of profitable service, long after the initial capital investment has been repaid.

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