Image for Kirkstall "Step Up" to their first Matsuura 5 axis

Kirkstall "Step Up" to their first Matsuura 5 axis

MX-330 PC10

Kirkstall Precision have taken a "step up" to Matsuura and invested in an MX-330 PC10, their first Matsuura 5 axis multi-pallet machine.

Adam Thornton, Managing Director of Kirkstall, took time out from his increasingly busy schedule to answer a few questions regarding their investment, and indeed the timing of the decision to invest now with Matsuura.

Q; Why did you choose Matsuura for this new CNC investment? 

"Kirkstall Precision chose Matsuura due to the renowned quality of their products, the professionalism with which they conduct themselves and the class leading CNC automation and engineering innovation they offer - and deliver". 

Q; What capabilities does the MX-330 PC10 deliver into your manufacturing base that were not previously there? 

"The MX-330 PC10 offers full 5 axis capability and lights out manufacturing to Kirkstall, delivering cost down performance per part across the range of high precision components we manufacture, making us more competitive, offering us a route to growth and returning real value to our customers with efficiencies gained from this investment". 

Q; Was the requirement for more automation an influence on your decision to choose to invest in a multi-pallet 5 axis? 

"Indeed it was; automation was a big part of the decision. Lots of CNC machine manufacturing companies offer varying degrees of automation, but in our opinion on this occasion those solutions were not as proven or refined as the Matsuura option when incorporating unmanned performance into a CNC machine. The automation aspect of a Matsuura CNC product is designed in from the machines inception, not as a bolt on afterthought later down the line. Matsuura's heritage in this regard is a given".

Q; As this investment represents Kirkstall's first Matsuura machine, what factors bought you to engage with Matsuura UK prior to placing the order? 

"We had our eyes on all the major brands when it came to 5 axis machines with automation. However, having done our due diligence and had so many excellent Matsuura recommendations from third parties, their ability to deliver 5 axis automation seamlessly into our business and fully support the investment really shone through. Matsuura stood out from the crowd, so the decision was relatively easy". 

Q; Given the ongoing global pandemic, was it a difficult decision to continue investing in your business in the current climate? 

"As an SME the pandemic hit us extremely hard, like many others. We experienced a 60% drop in our order book. However the pandemic offered an opportunity too; to assess how we performed, analyse how we did things and how we could invest to seize new opportunities going forward. COVID-19 is just a large "interruption", so as Managing Director I was adamant and determined to continue to innovate, invest and progress Kirkstall Precision to come out of the other side of the global pandemic a much stronger business. And we will".

Find out why more and more UK companies are taking a "Step Up" and investing for the future now with Matsuura multi-axis automation machines.

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