Unloading the HP 4200 Multi-Jet Fusion 3D Printer

More Printed Workholding

Quick 2 minute video on the unpacking and unloading of the HP 4200 Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printer at Matsuura UK.

These PA12 material components are yet more 3D work-holding fixtures for planned 5 axis CNC machining operations by Matsuura.

Q; Why use HP 3D printing from Matsuura UK for your CNC machine tool work-holding?

A; Because you can be machining your component within 24 hours rather than waiting weeks for bespoke work-holding to be manufactured conventionally.

3D printing your work-holding is also extremely cost effective when compared to any equivalent metal constructed fixture - with no loss of strength, integrity or reliability.

The work-holding weight savings are also very significant, allowing you to place a larger component mass on your pallets and in your machining enclosure.

The future is now.

Contact Matsuura UK on 01530 511400 to see how we can streamline your work-holding requirements, reduce your costs and save you valuable time to market.


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