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Image for 90%+ spindle utilisation for your business?

90%+ spindle utilisation for your business?

Matsuura Multi-Pallet

Spindle and machine utilisation rates are invariably in excess of 90% & higher on the 15 pallet Matsuura H.Plus-300 PC15.

A single table vertical machine with manual loading can only achieve 25% - 30% spindle and machine utilisation rates at best.

Think about that comparison and what Matsuura multi-pallet automation could mean for your business.

And no, it is not all about mass production of the same component; small batch variety, not volume is the key to success with multi-pallet automation from Matsuura.

We have UK customers that have removed 4 vertical machining centres from their machine shop & replaced them with a single 15 pallet H.Plus-300 PC15 - & still increased their productivity and profitability.

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