Automation? Variety, not volume is key to success

Batch size of 1?

Automation? Small batch variety, not volume is the key to success.

This is a must watch for companies who think that multi-pallet Matsuura machines are not for them because they only produce small, short batch runs & do not engage in mass production.

Kristek are a case in point; they went from a desire to invest in a single table vertical with an "add-on" automation package to finally investing in a MAM72-35V – their first fully fledged, multi-pallet, multi-tool automated 5 axis.

Based on an economical model of a single batch size of 1, the MAM72-35V is not just for Blue Chip companies.

In 2018, Matsuura UK installed 4 fully specified MAM72-35V 32 pallet 5 axis machines with companies that were investing in their first 5 axis – all of which only produce a high variety mix of small batch runs or one offs.

In this 4 minute video, Matsuura South East Area Manager Mark Cumberland explains the economics behind investing in a multi pallet machine, even if your batch sizes are small & you are not running mass production of a single component.


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