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Image for Matsuura Multi Pallet 5 Axis - what size do you need?

Matsuura Multi Pallet 5 Axis - what size do you need?

Profitable 5 Axis Automation

As technology leaders in multi-pallet 5 axis CNC machine tools, Matsuura has the profitable automation solution to match your workpiece size and production workflow.

The cost-down, high productivity and unerringly profitable benefits of a multi-pallet 5 axis Matsuura machine are now established commercial facts for many UK machining companies – be they owner operator, SME or blue chip.

Minimum downtime, low cost of ownership and reliability are standard attributes with Matsuura automated, lights out machining products.

Our 5 axis multi-pallet solutions are not just for companies engaged in the mass 24/7 production of the same component; many utilise each pallet in their systems to accommodate varied work lots, short batch runs and a series one-off components.

The ability to have multiple fixtures for re-occurring jobs set up & ready to go at short notice is also a key feature and benefit to end users, reducing their set-up downtime & slashing their turnaround time to market.

Matsuura possess OEM multi-pallet solutions to match all budgets and all workshops in our product portfolio.

Many converts to Matsuura changed from running manned single table vertical machines to our unmanned multi-pallet machines, moving on from an average of around 30% machine and spindle utilisation to average results in excess of 80% – some in the high 90%.

Our UK Applications Engineers have transitioned hundreds of companies through the learning curve into a new era of successful 5 axis multi-pallet production. Matsuura’s technical and service support of our 5 axis customers is second to none in the UK machine tool market.

Before investing your capital and time in a multi-pallet 5 axis machine, ask yourself why more & more UK companies are turning to Matsuura for their automated 5 axis multi-pallet CNC machining solution.

PS; Need a bigger multi-pallet 5 axis automation solution than those shown here? Call us on 01530 511400.


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