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Unmanned, Multi-Pallet Profitability Made Simple

Optimise Your Production

The cost-down, high productivity and unerringly profitable benefits of a multi-pallet Matsuura machine are now established commercial facts for many UK machining companies.

Minimum downtime, low cost of ownership and reliability are standard attributes with Matsuura automated, lights out machining products.

Multi-pallet solutions are not just for companies engaged in the mass 24/7 production of the same component; many utilise each pallet in their systems to accommodate varied work lots, short batch runs and a series one-off components.

The ability to have multiple fixtures for re-occurring jobs set up & ready to go at short notice is also a key feature and benefit to end users, reducing their set-up downtime & slashing their turnaround time to market.

Matsuura possess OEM multi-pallet solutions to match all budgets and all workshops in our product portfolio. Many converts to Matsuura changed from running single table vertical machines to our multi-pallet machines, moving on from an average of around 30% machine and spindle utilisation to results in excess of 80%. One aerospace customer based in the midlands is achieving over 98% availability, utilisation and optimisation of their Matsuura multi-pallet machining solution.

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