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VIDEO; LUMEX - the future is now.

Design it. Make it. On a LUMEX

Matsuura lead the field by some considerable margin in hybrid 3Dmetal printing, laser sintering and CNC milling technology, all incorporated and integrated into the same hand built machine tool platform.

As pioneering technology innovators creating the production platforms for the manufacturers of tomorrow, the spirit of our company’s founder lives on. For over a decade Matsuura has been developing the LUMEX Avance-25 - the world’s first 3D Printing, Metal Laser Sintering Milling Hybrid CNC machine tool – a truly innovative platform in Net Shape Form and Additive Manufacturing – with the integration of a proven Matsuura high speed milling spindle for subtractive machining processes.

The ability to "grow" a metal component in layers with complex internal features and mill those internal features as the layers are added to give a perfect surface finish are what makes the LUMEX Avance -25 such a distinctive and remarkable production machine tool - offering designers and manufacturers a route to designing what they can imagine, and not be limited by the restrictions of their current production methods, strategies and machines.

In the UK, customers include a prestigious technology leading mould and die company - now creating complex moulds that were previously impossible to manufacture by conventional methods.

There is also a LUMEX Avance-25 installed at the world renowned Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) Organisation in Coventry, of which Matsuura is a member. 

Not only can the LUMEX platform manufacture close tolerance multi-material metal components that no other machine tool or system can achieve, it is also revolutionising the component and product design process. LUMEX is defining the process of Additive Manufacturing in Metals, and creating a world of opportunity in Metal Additive Manufacturing for early pioneering investors.


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