Health & Safety

Matsuura Machinery ltd (MML) is recognised as a market leader in the field of unmanned multipallet
and multi-tasking CNC machine tools and their associated manufacturing process solutions.
MML's goal is to achieve excellence across its business operation. That vision and commitment
recognises and extends to protecting its employees and anyone else who could be affected by its
work activities wherever they are carried out. This is achieved through our Health and Safety
management system that meets the requirements of ISO 45001:2018

The company will so far as is reasonably practicable undertake the following:

• Ensure health and safety is incorporated into the management of its activities and facilities.
• Accept its collective role in providing health and safety leadership within the organisation by
setting and reviewing Health & Safety objectives.
• Provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment giving due consideration to welfare
issues, mental health, plant and equipment maintenance, safe access and egress and safe
systems of work.
• Eliminate hazards and reduce risks
• The prevention of accidents and ill health.
• Provide appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision to everyone who could be
affected by its work activities in order to prevent injury and ill health.
• Ensure the active participation and consultation of employees in improving health and safety.
• Ensure that this policy is communicated to all persons working under its control so that they are
made aware of their individual H & S responsibilities.
• Monitor, review and audit the organisation's health and safety management system with the
aim of continually improving its performance.
• Compliance with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and
associated Regulations and legislation, Approved Codes and Guidance which relate to its health
and safety hazards.
• Identification, evaluation and control, to eliminate the hazards and risks within the company's
activities and the continual improvement ofthe OH&S system.
• Emergency preparedness and testing
• Support employees in difficult or unsafe work situations, that they consider present an imminent
and serious danger to their life or health

MML expects all employees and contractors working on behalf of them to fully co-operate in the
implementation ofthis health and safety policy.

The attention of all MML employees is drawn to their legal responsibilities under Section 7 of the
Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and Regulation 14 the Management of Health and Safety at Work
Regulations 1999 as outlined in the policy organisation.

The implementation of this policy will be of equal importance to all other management activities,
including quality and service delivery.

The allocation of duties and responsibilities for health and safety matters and the particular
arrangements made to implement the policy are set out in the Organisation and Arrangements
section of the policy. The specific duties and responsibilities of the owner of a policy arrangement
will be detailed in that policy arrangement.

This document has been produced in accordance with the general requirements of section 2(3) of
the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and will be reviewed periodically, or following
incidents/issues that necessitate policy changes. Any revisions will be brought to the attention of all

This policy is available to all interested parties including the public.

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