Matsuura Machinery Ltd (MML) is recognised as a market leader in the field of unmanned multi-pallet and multi-tasking CNC machine tools and their associated manufacturing process solutions.

MML fully accepts its responsibility to protect the environment and this is achieved through our Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of ISO14001:2015 and also ensures our business processes are carefully monitored, measured and controlled to promote continual improvement of our environmental performance.

The company is also committed to compliance with all relevant environmental legal and other requirements.

In addition to the above commitments other key priorities for reducing and mitigating our environmental impacts are:

* The prevention of pollution, particularly emissions to the atmosphere, which may lead to the detrimental effects of global warming and ozone layer depletion.

* The promotion of energy efficiency initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources.

* The minimisation of waste to landfill through the adoption of the waste hierarchy: ELIMINATE, REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

* The raising of environmental awareness with staff, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders involved in our business activities through training and consultation.

* The implementation and maintenance of emergency response plans to mitigate the effects of any accidental environmental incident.

This policy is reviewed periodically at our management review meetings to incorporate any changes to our environmental impact created by new or revised business activities. It is the basis for our annual environmental objectives that are communicated to all staff to promote both their involvement and commitment to the improvement of our business.

The policy is also available to all interested parties including the public.

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