Matsuura Machinery Ltd is an authorised UK reseller of DyeMansion finishing systems.

Based in Munich, Germany, DyeMansion is a leader in additive manufacturing finishing systems that transform raw, 3D printed polymer parts into high-value consumer and industrial products.

DyeMansion’s 3D finishing systems, combined as a three–stage Print-to-Product workflow, are compatible with leading powder-bed technologies; HP, Ricoh, EOS, 3D Systems, Voxeljet, Farsoon or Prodways and specially optimised for PA11, PA12, PA6 or TPU based materials, providing an automated process for cleaning, surfacing and colouring a wide variety of 3D printed parts.

STEP 1: DyeMansion Powershot C – Cleaning.  Producing completely powder-free parts.  Highly efficient, damage preventative part cleaning of AM plastics.  The automatic process only takes around 10 minutes for one run and leaves engineers hands-free from manual cleaning.  The cleaning process assures the safety for the whole geometry, preventing surface burns or scratches.

STEP 2: DyeMansion Powershot S – Surfacing.  PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) technology delivers a comparable surface quality, transforming rough powder-based plastics into long-lasting, finished products.

STEP 3: DyeMansion DM60 – Colouring.  With over 170 RAL colours available and the ability to customise colours to achieve corporate colours.

Interested parties can view live 3D printing and DyeMansion process finishing at Matsuura’s Technical Facility in Leicestershire, by appointment.

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