Designed for the purpose of ultra high speed and micron accuracy, the LX-160 is the pinnacle of what is currently technically achievable in 5 axis machining.

The LX-160 is the direct descendant of the groundbreaking Matsuura LX0-5AX - the platform on which all 5 axis Matsuura LX Series ultra high speed machines are now based. Like its predecessor (and all Matsuura 5 axis products), the LX-160 is a dedicated and optimised 5 axis design, not a 3 axis machine with a "bolt on" 4th and 5th, able to accommodate the inertia forces generated by high rapid traverse speeds.

High speed, high accuracy and optimised state of the art machining performance are supplied as standard.  

Available as a single table machine, or with optional 42 pallets for the ultimate in rapid and proven unmanned production.

UK customers include F1 Teams and ultra precision specialist subcontractors.

Travel: X / Y / Z mm

500 / 250 / 300

Travel: B / C deg -125 ~ +10 / 360
Number of Pallets   2 Standard.  42 / 91 / FMS Options
Working Surface mm Ø160
Max Work Size mm Ø160 x H230
Loading Capacity Per Pallet kg 20
Spindle Speed min-1

46,000: BT30 Standard.

Rapid Traverse: X / Y / Z m / min 90
Rapid Traverse: B / C min-1 50 / 100
Number of Tools   Up to 338
Maximum Tool Length mm 150
Maximum Tool Weight kg


Tool Changing Time Secs 0.7
NC Control   Matsuura L-Tech 31i

Telephone: 01530 511 400

Head Office: Matsuura Machinery Ltd. Gee Road, Whitwick Business Park, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 4NH England. Company No: 02592156

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