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CNC Milling – are you maximising your machine efficiency and spindle utilisation?

It is a given that a milling spindle that is not engaged in cutting metal is a spindle that is not adding value to your bottom line.

If your CNC milling operations need to deliver more profit per hour call us for a no obligation assessment of your current production and CNC machining strategy – you may be surprised at the difference we can make.

Want to rethink the way you deploy resources? - We can help you and it's free


5 axis, high quality hand-crafted CNC machine tool - with flare, innovation and productivity as standard.

Castel Terus 250

Robust and versatile large capacity horizontal milling centre with moving column and full suite of options.

Dino X 220

Extra Large Capacity 5 Axis Milling


Large Capacity 3 Axis Milling - with up to 3,000mm in X

Tessen Evo

Tessen is a high accuracy moving column milling and turning 5 axis machine tool, with a large working envelope and an adaptable suite of options.

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