Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions from LUMEX. For over a decade Matsuura has been developing the LUMEX Metal Additive Manufacturing Solution - the world’s first 3D Printing, Metal Laser Sintering Milling Hybrid CNC machine tool. With the integration of a proven Matsuura high speed milling spindle for subtractive machining processes, Matsuura’s pioneering technology and innovation has developed a metal additive manufacturing process creating the highest accuracy in part fabrication.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions from Matsuura Machinery

The LUMEX metal additive manufacturing performs the sintering of complicated mould dies without splitting them. Enabling production of complicated parts through total manufacturing by digital engineering, using 3D data. This eliminates assembly and adjustment stages and making it possible to produce mould dies with no dimensional errors that may be caused by conventional assembly processes.

If you are thinking about how to achieve greater productivity in a cost down machine shop environment, then talk to us - we'll help you rethink the way you work - and it's free. Get in touch - you'll be surprised at just what you can afford.


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LUMEX Avance-25

LUMEX Series; A 3D metal printing, laser sintering CNC milling hybrid

HP Multi-Jet Fusion 4200

Reinvent how you prototype and produce functional parts — delivering quality output, up to 10 times faster at half the cost

HP Multi-Jet Fusion 5200

Mass Production 3D Printer - delivering fully functional & operational components within 24 hours.

DyeMansion Powershot C

Easy and Efficient HP 3D Parts Cleaning

DyeMansion Powershot S

Achieve End User Parts Finishing

DyeMansion Powerfuse S

Clean Vapor Technology Challenging Injection Moulding

DyeMansion DM60

Colouring for HP 3D Printed Parts

Studio System 2™

Multi Material 3D Metal Printing - on your desktop

Xtreme 8K DLP

The largest capacity DLP on the planet

Shop System™

The world’s first metal binder jetting system designed to bring metal 3D printing to machine shops.

Envision One

Rapid production of strong, fully-isotropic end-use parts

Metal Additive Manufacturing delivers the highest accuracy in part fabrication

The metal additive manufacturing process achieves the highest accuracy in part fabrication since metal powders are melted and sintered via laser, while surfaces are precisely milled at high speeds. It sinters workpieces at near net shape, 3D objects with complex interior structures and creates components with hollows, 3D meshes and free form surfaces.

Metal Additive Manufacturing configured to maximise process efficiency for your specific workload

Supporting your growth means solutions designed within your budget, resources and space which deliver exceptional returns on investment. That’s why Matsuura Machinery focus upon engineering solutions to deliver you a competitive edge. Our innovative engineers are experts in optimising metal additive manufacturing and machine manufacturing processes, because they have access to a ‘best in class brand portfolio’. This is backed by world class customer support, 'on the shelf' spares and outstanding maintenance engineers.

We can help you rethink the way you work - and it's free. Get in touch - you'll be surprised at just what you can afford.


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