Large Vertical Lathes

Toshulin large vertical lathes are able to bring turn-key solutions for complex VTL applications across a challenging range of industrial applications. Integrating turning, milling, grinding and drilling into their products extends the versatility of these exceptionally large machine tools, designed and defined to process weighty large workpieces. Matsuura Machinery and our Toshulin range of large vertical lathes and VTLs have a proven track record of successful installations within the UK with companies serving oil and gas, aerospace, construction equipment and manufacturers of large pumps and valves.

If you are thinking about how to achieve greater productivity in a cost down machine shop environment, then talk to us - we'll help you rethink the way you work - and it's free. Get in touch - you'll be surprised at just what you can afford.

Large Vertical Lathes Machine Solutions from Toshulin

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Large Vertical Lathes

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MX-420 PC10

MX-330' bigger brother; larger capacity and workload option


Delivering assured single table 5 axis CNC machining to large complex billets and components


For over 25 years, the MAM72-35V has achieved unrivaled market status for extended unmanned 5 axis machining production

MX-330 PC10

Affordable, reliable high quality 5 axis automation

MX-850 PC4

Large Capacity, Unmanned Production.


New Multi-Pallet 5 Axis

MX-520 PC4

Our fastest selling single table 5 axis now comes with Matsuura's OEM pallet changer and touch screen


Do not let the name mislead you; the Basicturn is capable of complex operations and comes with a myriad of proven options.


Multi-pallet, automated 5 axis CNC machining solution for components, billets and castings in the Ø720 x H450 range, weighing up to 350kg


Ultra High Speed, automated, multi-pallet 5 axis machining


Our latest 3 or 4 axis state of the art vertical offering 1000mm in X axis, 30 tools and a 15,000rpm Maxia Spindle


Delivering effortless BT50 power, the VX-1500 3 or 4 axis vertical machining centre can accommodate a massive 2,000kg on its 1700mm x 700mm table


The latest Matsuura V.Plus-550 builds upon its traditional strengths as a production powerhouse, capable of enduring in the harshest machining environments


A time honoured giant in our portfolio, the V.Plus-800 is still unrivaled against comparable competitor models for machining performance, longevity and high residual asset value


5 axis multi-pallet milling and turning of large components


High Speed Gantry 5 Axis Profiler

Large vertical lathes with integrity, longevity and high residual values

The business drivers for UK investors in large vertical lathes vary, but at the heart of the decision is the integrity and longevity of the asset and the process Matsuura Machinery help you define pre-sale. Toshulin large vertical lathes are able to bring turn-key solutions for complex applications across a challenging range of industrial conditions. This is because they are able to integrate various technologies of chip machining, for example, turning – milling – grinding – drilling.  Which is why they are used for machining, demanding technological applications with high accuracy, including machining of large workpieces.

Large vertical lathe solutions configured to maximise process efficiency for your specific workload

Supporting your growth means solutions designed within your budget, resources and space which deliver exceptional returns on investment. That’s why Matsuura Machinery focus upon engineering solutions to deliver you a competitive edge. Our innovative engineers are experts in optimising large vertical lathes and manufacturing processes, because they have access to a ‘best in class brand portfolio’. This is backed by world class customer support, 'on the shelf' spares and outstanding maintenance engineers.

We can help you rethink the way you work - and it's free. Get in touch - you'll be surprised at just what you can afford.

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