Face & Taper Tooling

BIG-PLUS® is a spindle system that provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of BIG-PLUS® tooling. Simply by switching holders from a single point of contact system, you can greatly increase tool rigidity, reduce runout and add significant productivity to your machining applications. BIG-PLUS® holders and spindles are manufactured to micron level specifications, and made with the gauging equipment and know-how that only BIG-PLUS® licensees have access to.

The unique face & taper tooling technology increases surface contact with the tool holder, maximising rigidity and clamping pressure. There is a significant advantage in tool life, accuracy and cutting capability when compared to standard tool holders. Because of the unique design, the system allows complete interchangeability between existing tooling and spindle systems. No shim kits or spindle face qualification is necessary.

If you are thinking about how to achieve greater productivity in a cost down machine shop environment, then talk to us - we'll help you rethink the way you work - and it's free. Get in touch - you'll be surprised at just what you can afford.

Face & Taper Tooling Solutions from BIG Kaiser BIG-PLUS®

BIG KAISER specialise in supporting high-accuracy and high-efficiency environments with face and taper tooling. They don't offer products to serve the whole market. This focus allows them to maintain a high level of expertise and exceptionally high standards for the products they represent. They guarantee they will improve the performance of even your most demanding applications. If they can't, they'll take back their products at no charge.

BIG KAISER delivers the most accurate and efficient face and taper tooling solutions — guaranteed.

Face & Taper Tooling solutions configured to maximise process efficiency for your specific workload

Supporting your growth means solutions designed within your budget, resources and space which deliver exceptional returns on investment. That’s why Matsuura Machinery focus upon engineering solutions to deliver you a competitive edge. Our innovative engineers are experts in optimising face & taper tooling and machine manufacturing processes, because they have access to a ‘best in class brand portfolio’. This is backed by world class customer support, 'on the shelf' spares and outstanding maintenance engineers.

We can help you rethink the way you work - and it's free. Get in touch - you'll be surprised at just what you can afford.

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