Automated Pallet Pool CNC Machining Centres in 5 axis and 4 axis configurations.

All our automated pallet pool machining solutions achieve more production throughput because they offer higher levels of spindle optimisation and machine utilisation. Across the entire Matsuura Machinery portfolio of optimised CNC milling machine tool products, there are tailorable multi-pallet and multi-tool options definable to your process and budget. From twin pallet stand-alone machines, to multi-pallet stand-alone production centres to fully integrated and automated FMS cells, we have the products, the engineering expertise and the proven project management history with UK installations to deliver maximum spindle utilisation into your production workflow, maximising your production throughput whilst minimising your company’s reliance on skilled or semi-skilled labour.

If you are thinking about how to achieve greater productivity in a cost down machine shop environment via pallletisation and automation, then talk to us - we'll help you rethink the way you work - and it's free. Get in touch - you'll be surprised at just what you can afford.

Automated Pallet Pool Machining Solutions from Matsuura, NIIGATA, and Toshulin

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MX-330 PC10

Affordable, reliable high quality 5 axis automation


MX-520 single table and 4 pallet 5 axis CNC machining centre


Delivering assured single table 5 axis CNC machining to large complex billets and components


For over 25 years, the MAM72-35V has achieved unrivaled market status for extended unmanned 5 axis machining production


Automated 5 axis machining of components in the Ø420 x H350 range, weighing up to 200kg


Multi-pallet, automated 5 axis CNC machining solution for components, billets and castings in the Ø720 x H450 range, weighing up to 350kg


Proven, multi-pallet large capacity automated 5 axis machining of billets, components and castings in the Ø1,000 x H770 range, weighing up to 800kg


Ultra High Speed, automated, multi-pallet 5 axis machining


Best selling 4 axis multi-pallet horizontal, twin 300mm² pallets and a host of tailored, cost effective production enhancing options


Offering the largest working envelope in its class, the H.Plus-400 is a true 400mm² pallet production workhorse


Delivering production and profit to end users for over a decade - the world beating H.Plus-405


BT40 500mm² multi-pallet 4 axis horizontal with the largest capacity in its class


BT50 500mm2 multi-pallet 4 axis horizontal delivering effortless torque and high metal removal rates


Best in class for 630mm² pallet horizontal machining centres, largest working envelope and processing capacity


Offering the same robust performance dimensions as the H.Plus-630, the H.Plus-800 comes equipped with twin 800mm² pallets


5 axis milling and turning on a proven multi-pallet automated platform

Automated Pallet Tool Machining for blue chip OEMs, SME's and smaller engineering companies

Focused on increased machine utilisation and throughput, Matsuura Machinery automated pallet tool machining centres deliver reduced cycle times, with less manned intervention and eliminates ergonomic hazards. In return they deliver improved part consistency and quality, whilst remaining flexible for the future. The MAM72 solution is a cell in itself and offers 90% up time in machining. That’s what a Matsuura Machinery automation solution can do for your business.

Horizontal Machining versus Vertical Machining?

A manned 3 axis vertical cannot match the productivity or spindle utilisation rates of a 4 axis or 5 axis multi-pallet horizontal machine tool. The spindle on a vertical, at best, is only cutting for 30% of the productive day with the available manned shift hours. By comparison, a horizontal CNC machine tool from Matsuura achieves upwards of 90% - sometimes even higher. Replacing several manned vertical cnc machining centres with just one automated and unmanned Matsuura H.Plus Series horizontal is something we do in the UK on a regular basis for UK manufacturers looking for reduced operator dependency & cost per part, whilst increasing productivity and profit. Watch this video for more information.

Automated Pallet Tool Machining configured by Matsuura Machinery to maximise process efficiency for your specific workload

Supporting your growth means solutions designed within your budget, resources and space which deliver exceptional returns on investment. That’s why Matsuura Machinery focus upon engineering solutions to deliver you a competitive edge. Our innovative engineers are experts in optimising manufacturing processes and automated pallet tool machining, because they have access to a ‘best in class brand portfolio’. This is backed by world class customer support, 'on the shelf' spares and outstanding maintenance engineers.

We can help you rethink the way you work - and it's free. Get in touch - you'll be surprised at just what you can afford.

What is automated pallet pool machining?

Automated Pallet Pool machining takes a standard single table or pallet CNC machine tool and integrates an automated system for feeding pallets into the machine for the purpose of running that machine unmanned. Reducing operator dependency, pallets within the automated pallet pool system can be set up with billets or components ready for machining offline, so the machine can carry on machining whilst the next pallets to be processed can be readied in advance, often running this work "lights out" throughout the night with no operator intervention.

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