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Renowned the world over in a myriad of differing industries for their performance, reliability, accuracy and unrivalled production, Matsuura 5 axis products have led in their respective fields for over 30 years.

It is not just about the machines, it is the strategy behind the maximum utilisation of the machine and process as a whole that delivers enhanced profitability to our customers time and again.

Our UK Applications Department is staffed by engineers who have served Matsuura 5 axis customers for many decades, delivering our vast wealth of knowledge into the production processes of our investor companies.

And our 5 axis portfolio is not just all about Matsuura machines; our carefully considered product portfolio contains brands that are equally as respected in 5 axis machining as Matsuura, although in larger formats of machines and systems.

A prestigious customer base - from leading blue chip OEMs to small highly respected precision subcontractors, are your assurance that obtaining a 5 axis solution from our extensive product portfolio will be a sound investment for your business, offering a rapid return on investment and years of profitable and reliable service.


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MX-330 PC10

Affordable, reliable high quality 5 axis automation


MX-520 single table and 4 pallet 5 axis CNC machining centre


Delivering assured single table 5 axis CNC machining to large complex billets and components


For over 25 years, the MAM72-35V has achieved unrivaled market status for extended unmanned 5 axis machining production


Automated 5 axis machining of components in the Ø420 x H350 range, weighing up to 200kg


Multi-pallet, automated 5 axis CNC machining solution for components, billets and castings in the Ø720 x H450 range, weighing up to 350kg


Proven, multi-pallet large capacity automated 5 axis machining of billets, components and castings in the Ø1,000 x H770 range, weighing up to 800kg


Ultra High Speed, automated, multi-pallet 5 axis machining


5 axis milling and turning on a proven multi-pallet automated platform


Delivering the 5 axis unmanned production of the legendary MAM72-35V; the CUBLEX-35 has added turning precision and versatility - a true multi-tasking self contained automated production centre


5 axis BT50 twin pallet - high accuracy, relentless power and maximum spindle utilisation.


Large capacity 5 axis machining for aerospace applications


5 axis multi-pallet milling and turning of large components


High Speed Gantry 5 Axis Profiler


Double column 5 axis profilers with long beds and easy access.

MAM72-63V PC6

Automate your large capacity 5 axis production with reliable unmanned machining

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