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Matsuura 5 axis machine tools have been the clear market leader for automated and unmanned 5 axis machining products for over 30 years. Scroll down below the products to find out more.

If you are thinking about how to achieve greater 5 axis machining productivity, more reliable 5 axes automation and less operator dependency in a cost down machine shop environment, then talk to us - we'll help you rethink the way you work - and it's free. Get in touch - you'll be surprised at just what you can afford.

5 Axis CNC Machining Solutions from Matsuura, NIIGATA and SNK.


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MX-420 PC10

MX-330' bigger brother; larger capacity and workload option


Delivering assured single table 5 axis CNC machining to large complex billets and components


For over 25 years, the MAM72-35V has achieved unrivaled market status for extended unmanned 5 axis machining production

MX-330 PC10

Affordable, reliable high quality 5 axis automation

MX-850 PC4

Large Capacity, Unmanned Production.


New Multi-Pallet 5 Axis

MX-520 PC4

Our fastest selling single table 5 axis now comes with Matsuura's OEM pallet changer and touch screen


Proven, multi-pallet large capacity automated 5 axis machining of billets, components and castings in the Ø1,000 x H770 range, weighing up to 800kg


Multi-pallet, automated 5 axis CNC machining solution for components, billets and castings in the Ø720 x H450 range, weighing up to 350kg


Full 5 Axis with Programmable Tailstock


Ultra High Speed, automated, multi-pallet 5 axis machining


5 axis BT50 twin pallet - high accuracy, relentless power and maximum spindle utilisation.


5 axis multi-pallet milling and turning of large components


High Speed Gantry 5 Axis Profiler


Double column 5 axis profilers with long beds and easy access.

MAM72-63V PC6

Automate your large capacity 5 axis production with reliable unmanned machining

Why choose Matsuura 5 axis machining?

Renowned the world over in a myriad of differing industries for their performance, reliability, accuracy and unrivalled production, Matsuura 5 axis CNC machie tools have led in their respective fields for over 30 years.

It is not just about the machines, it is the strategy behind the maximum utilisation of the machine and process as a whole that delivers enhanced profitability to our customers time and again.

Our UK Applications Department is staffed by engineers who have served Matsuura 5 axis customers for many decades, delivering our vast wealth of knowledge into the production processes of our investor companies.

And our 5 axis portfolio is not just all about Matsuura machines; our carefully considered product portfolio contains brands that are equally as respected in 5 axis machining as Matsuura, although in larger formats of machines and systems.

A prestigious customer base - from leading blue chip OEMs to small highly respected precision subcontractors, are your assurance that obtaining a 5 axis solution from our extensive product portfolio will be a sound investment for your business, offering a rapid return on investment and years of profitable and reliable service.

Flagship 5 axis products from Matsuura;

MAM72-35V / MX-330 PC10 / MX-520 PC4 / MX-520 / MAM72-100H / MX-850 PC4

What is 5 axis CNC machining?

5 axis CNC machining offers three linear axes and two rotational axes that work simultaneously to achieve complex machined components in one loading, negating the requirement to remove partially machined components to re-orientate them to gain tool access to faces on the billet / component that cannot be accessed on a 3 axis machine tool.  5 axis machining of a component in one loading also eliminates accumulative errors caused by removing a partially finished component and re-orientating inti the machine tool.

Types of 5-axis Machines

There are several applications where 5-axis machines can save you time and improve your current process, but when it comes to 5-axis machining, there is no “one size fits all” solution.  To meet the demands of the manufacturing industry, 5-axis machines come in several variations.  The most distinctive variation for 5-axis machines is the configuration of the rotary axes.  For simplicity, we will divide 5-axis configurations into three categories: Head/Head, Table/Head and Table/Table.

Head / Head 5-axis Machines

As the name implies, both rotary axes on a head/head machine are located in the head.  These machines are designed with the 5-axis head on a gantry that travels above a stationary table which holds the workpiece.  This allows the head to travel around the part making these machines ideal for manufacturing large parts.  Due to their design, these machines typically have limited travel in both the tilt and rotary axes.

Table / Head 5-axis Machines

In this configuration, one rotary axis is located in the table while the other is located in the head.  The tilting axis is located in the head and has limited range, while the rotary axis is located in the table and typically has unlimited range.  As the part sits on the rotary axis, this configuration is limited to the size of components it can produce.  However, a benefit of this configuration over the head/head configuration is the ability to continuously rotate the part without concern for reaching a limit.

Table / Table 5-axis Machines

Table/table machines have both rotary axes in the table, and like table/head machines they typically have limited range in the tilting axis and unlimited range in the rotary axis.  Of the three configurations in this document, this configuration generally has the smallest work envelope.  That being said, some table/table machines are equipped with linear motors making them extremely fast.

What does 3+2 mean in relation to 5 axis CNC machining?

3+2-axis machining on a 5 axis CNC machine offers a 3-axis milling process, but with two additional axes to rotate the hold work and fixturing in a fixed position as opposed to manipulating it repetitively and simultaneously during the machining process. A 5 axis CNC machining centre helps you work on tighter tolerances to achieve complex geometries while a 3+2 system allows you to hold your less complex parts in positions that allow better tool access to the workpiece.

What are the benefits of 5 axis machining?

5 axis CNC machining helps in the cost effective and efficient manufacturing of sophisticated components and designs in one loading of a billet or a casting. The advantages of utilising 5 axis CNC machining are manifold, and include:

Minimal Setup of the machine and fixturing

A 5 axis CNC machine tool offers better tool access to all facets of a billet and allows you to work on every surface, the ex eption being the bottom face utilised for clamping the component in a fixture. When working on complex component designs that require cutting tool access and machining on several faces, several set-ups of a 3 axis machine would be required to achieve the complex part features and geometry through manual rotating - creating the possibility of accumulative errors in re-loading, and causing non-productive time loss (a spindle that is not cutting during prolonged set-ups massively reduces the machines efficiency and spindle utilisation time); 5 axis CNC machining completes a component in a single set up, reducing the number of setups, removing accumulative errors through manual loading and rotating of the billet and eliminating non-productive time.  

Rapid Material Removal

5 axis CNC machining processing creates the opportunity for the cutting tool to constantly remain tangential to the machined billet surface, delivering lower cycle times and reducing cost per part as you remove more material each time the tool passes than with a static 3 axis CNC machine tool.

Component Surface Finish

4th and 5th axes orient and bring the billet closer to the cutting tool, allowing the use of shorter cutting tools, which are significantly less susceptible to vibration at extremely high cutting feed rates and spindle speeds, achieving a measurably superior surface finish when compared to standard 3 axis CNC machining.  

Competitive Advantage

Although the prevalence of 5 axis machines increases year on year in the UK, they are still in a minority of CNC machines in operation in total; therefore, those machine shops that do possess a 5 axis machine in their plant list can attract more complex, higher value subcontract work. 5 axis machines invariably earn a higher hourly spindle rate than 3 axis or 4 axis machine tools.

What are the advantages of automated 5 axis CNC machining?

Over 3o years ago, Matsuura introduced the MAM72-S40 - a 5 axis CNC machine tool with an integrated 40 pallet APC (Automatic Pallet Changer) and extended capacity ATC (Automatic Tool Changer). Each pallet on the MAM72-S40 could be loaded with a variety of work; small batch, high variety low volume or full mass production of the same component. Significantly reducing the "manned" hours that a machine tool requires an operator to be present, the MAM72-S40 introduced the era of unmanned, lights our production of complex 5 axis components - massively reducing end user overheads, operator dependency and slashing cost per part. Delivering a truly unmanned shift into CNC businesses increased their productivity and available spindle hours by over 33%, and significantly reduced staffing costs. The MAM72 series continues to this day and is the clear market leader for unmanned and fully automated 5 axis machining. The MAM stands for "Matsuura Advanced Manufacturing".

5-Axis Post Processing and 5 Axis Verification Software

A CNC Post Processor is the link between your CAM system and CNC Machine. The Post Processor takes the cutter location data (CL Data) from the CAM system and converts it to G-code. 

CAMplete TruePath is the universal post processor. TruePath makes it easy to switch between different CAM systems. Unlimited custom G-code formats can be created and applied to any project. Truepath also assists with 5 axis simulation, five axis verification and tool path editing.  

So why choose 5 axis CNC machining over simpler, reduced axes machines?

5 axis CNC machining delivers incredibly complex, high value components in significantly less time than a CNC machine with fewer axes. Components can be created in a single set-up, reducing work completion and lead times and vastly reducing the cost per part and the investment in manned hours, increasing productivity and profitability. Investors in 5 axis machines also have a market advantage over companies that do not possess 5 axis capability, and therefore can attract higher value, more complex work that commands a higher hourly spindle rate than a 3 axis or 4 axis machine tool.

Matsuura 5 Axis CNC Machining Videos on YouTube

A rich resource for those researching Matsuura 5 axis products, on our UK YouTube channel you will find many, mant testimonial videos made by MTDCNC at our customers CNC machine shops. Click here to visit - and please subscribe to be notified of the very latest Matsuura 5 axis CNC videos when they are launched.

Matsuura UK "Step Up" Campaign

In 2020 Matsuura launched our Step Up camapign, encouraging aspirtational companies currently running 3 axis or 5 axis CNC machines without automation to invest in higher productivity and less operator dependency.

Are you running a single table 3 axis or 5 axis machine?

"Step Up" & automate - check out this 2 minute watch on YouTube explaining the benefits and oppotunities for you to future proof your CNC machining business.

Would you like to decrease your operator dependency, reduce ongoing costs whilst increasing your production and profitability?

There has never been a better time to consider a "Step Up" to a Matsuura multi-pallet 5 axis machine.

Watch this video now to find out how we can help you achieve higher production efficiency and increased profitability.

5 Axis Machining Automated Pallet Pool "Genesis" Machine; The Matsuura MAM72-S40

The MAM72-S40 is the original pioneering 5 axis machining CNC machine tool with an integrated and designed in automatic pallet changer, ushering in a new era of unmanned, lights our 5 axis machining and reduced operator dependency.

Read more about this incredible 5 axis automated pallet pool machine here.

Can I just bolt a 4th and 5th axis to a 3 axis CNC machine tool to acquire 5 axis capability?

Technically, yes - but this kind of set-up is for positional only and not full simultaneuous 5 axis CNC machining. A high speed dedicated 5 axis machine is designed to cope with & absorb the inertia and forces that are exerted by the mass of the 4th and 5th axis movements during 5 axis CNC machining. A 3 axis machine with a 4th axis and 5th axis bolted to the table or pallet cannot compete in terms of quality, ability and performance with a dedicated 5 axis CNC machining centre.

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