How do you maximise CNC productivity, whilst protecting your workforce?

Whether your requirement is for CNC machined components in 3 axis, 4 axis or 5 axis, or CNC turned parts, Matsuura has the product solutions and the all important UK service, spares and applications support infrastructure to guide your business through to greater profitability.

As every business adapts to working with fewer people on site, for less time, whilst remaining socially distanced, maximising productivity from your key machines becomes a primary challenge. Our past limiting factors of; workforce or skills availability; manufacturing space; even hours of the day – have suddenly become even more significant. Delivering more product from a single machine with less human interaction has been the drivers within our business for over 25 years. Such production efficiencies have traditionally been justified on cost reduction, competitive advantage and increased profitability. But in the current climate, such production efficiencies can also support your people strategies, by safeguarding your employees whilst spearheading your growth in the recovering market.

Let us help improve your machining operations

Our team of experienced production engineers across our sales and applications departments will help you to identify the most cost-effective options to grow your business. Options designed to meet the specific and unique requirements of your customers today, whilst supporting development of your business for tomorrow. Providing you with a competitive advantage delivered through an in-depth knowledge of production engineering combined with a real world understanding of today's demanding and health conscious manufacturing environment.

· High productivity from the same number of people or fewer

· Utilisation rates of 95 percent or higher

· Increased throughput

· Reduced labour costs

· Lower dependency on manual input

· Consistent manufacturing processes

· Flexibility to redeploy for future production needs

Supporting your growth means solutions designed within your budget

Manufacturing has a key role to play in the UK’s economic recovery. However, that nationwide recovery process relies on individual businesses making strategic decisions and investments in skills development and production processes that are realistic and affordable in a way that will ensure their long term strength and security.

Owned by Matsuura Machinery Corporation Japan, Matsuura Machinery has the financial security with the flexibility of a brand independent machine tool provider. This means our business has been designed to support a wide range of business types and sizes. Whatever your size, this starts with developing a financially attractive and affordable solution so you can achieve growth within manageable budgets. Backed by sector specific engineering experience, knowledge and support delivering maintenance with the highest standards of service and spares availability.

Helping you rethink the way you work – it costs nothing to talk. It could safeguard and secure your business today, for tomorrow’s growth.

Matsuura - Automated pallet tool machining
HP 3D Printing
Muratec - Twin Spindle Lathes
Lumex - Metal Additive Manufacturing
SNK - Large 5 Axis Machines
Toshulin - Large Vertical Lathes
NIIGATA - Horizontal CNC machines
BIG KAISER - Face & Taper Tooling
MST - Shrink-Fit Tool Holders

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